Short videos about our crazy adventures

Half a year of hitchhiking
After 6 months on the road from Slovakia to wild Asia we continue.
(on facebook funpage available also on mobile phones)

How we quit our job and roamed across the USA
50 days of our crazy dirty adventure across 15 US states. Enjoy the ride.

Escape to wild Asia (the first part)
How we started our hitchhiking adventure to wild Asia.

Magic Morocco
We roam through the villages, deserts, mountains, ocean and making new friends.

The best volunteering place in Poland
Magic hippie train station, where we were buildining the sand beach for example.

Roadtrip across the USA
The first American visit and roadtrip across the West Coast.

Norwegian rain in Bergene
Visit of Norway for couple of days, the land of the Vikings and expensive alcohol.

More videos on our Youtube
(occasionally being added new)

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