The map shows places of our wanderings.

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A brief overview of our last moves
  • October 2019 – present – Another adventure (by hitchhiking, train, walk…), overland from North of Africa, probably to very South of our oldest continent.
  • September 2019 – Together walking one month on the Path of the Heroes of the Slovak National Uprising, the longest walking route in our homeland, 800 km from the East to West of Slovakia.
  • The first half of 2019 – Earnings continue, this time separated, Klochy in Italian Alps, Jurky in the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava.
  • The second half of 2018 – Working in North Italy together, saving up for another great journey.
  • The first half of 2018 – Klochy is walking a few hundred kilometers across whole Spain on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and to the old end of the world by the Atlantic ocean. Jurky is traveling a few months across colorful Colombia.
  • The second half of 2017 – Back from Asia, big cultural shock, admiring beauties of our small mountainous green Slovakia. We work, save up some money and dream on…
  • August 2016 to Jun 2017 – We are hitchhiking to wild Asia together, indefinitely. 10 months on the road.
  • The first half of 2016 – We are preparing together in Kosice city on the great adventure into the wild Asia. Klochy finishes university and we also organize travel presentations.
  • Autumn and Winter 2015 – Klochy is exploring Erasmus Europe and Jurky is enjoying the beauties of Slovakia.
  • Summer 2015 – Working in Maryland, we quit a job and travel across the US in low-cost and dirty way. Jurky finishes university and we also create our website www.nntt.sk (old version nnomadttraveler.com).

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