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Hi there! We are two freaks and best friends Klochy and Jurky. Right after we graduated from university, we set off to travel around the world. We started out hitchhiking from Slovakia to Asia for an indefinite period of time. After finishing the school we decided to deal with our life little bit differently. On the journey we carry only few stuff and our tent. Just like that, to be spontaneously carried by the waves of life currently means the most to us. If we are worried? Far more worried to stay at home, to find well-paid and safe job and fall into stereotype. At the same time it satisfies us, the less we have, more freedom we achieve.

We will show you all the pranks and fun we go through on our journey, what problems we encountered and where we are at the moment. Travelling helps us to get to know ourselves and to get rid of the prejudices. We also want to point out that it´s possible to travel in a simple, eco-friendly and budget-wise way, so called punk travelling. The only thing is to pack up all the necessities plus some first aid in the form of ABV percentage and get out. The most difficult is to take the first travel step and to set out somewhere on one´s own hook, without travel agency and then the ball gets rolling. Also we´ll be pleased to give you our advices and experience about how to get into troubles. Peace, love and travelling.



Klochy /Naked Nomad/

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Calm wanderer from central Slovakia who loves getting lost, discovering new world, hidden places and tasty cans. More and more he travels lowcost, eco-friendly, with smaller and smaller backpack and with more and more ragged sneakers. When he was little and couldn´t read, his parents would read him his favourite illustrated encyclopedias. His first bigger hitchhiking trip was with Jurky to the Italian sea. He travelled through the USA two times, where at first he quit the job and then in the night he tried to swim through Gulf of Mexico to Mexico. During half-year low-cost European Erasmus he mainly ran around northern countries such as Norway and Iceland, where he went through the biggest local hurricane in the last 25 years – in a garden Jacuzzi together with a bottle of vodka and four other couchsurfers. Some of his most favourite adventures are visits of small forgotten villages in Morocco and volunteering in Polish art centre of one old railway station. He is going to put all of his savings into travelling around the world. Even though he can play only few chords, he brings his ukulele everywhere with him. He enjoys barefoot walking, doesn´t wear watch and loves rain, water and the nature.



Jurky /Trouble Traveler/

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Tall kid with a soul of seventeen-year old teenager and a heart of an Eastern Slovak, who loves hanging around, nature, animals, relax, music, concerts, beer with borovička (traditional Slovak Juniper spirit), in other words he loves fun and parties. He is vegetarian, likes to improvise and getting to know new cultures, cuisines and people. He is a huge fan of couchsurfing, ice hockey and documentaries. His travel beginnings start with two friends flying to Sardinia for peanuts. They stayed there for couple of days sleeping over on the beach and enjoying freedom. There they came with the idea to hitchhike to Italy. Jurky managed to do it successively two times in two summers. Later he travelled through Norway, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, England, Cyprus, Morocco, USA and of course, beautiful Slovakia. His best adrenaline rush was in Yellowstone national park – a face-to-face encounter with a grizzly bear, who got scared of him and ran away into the forest. He has other adventures besides Yogi bear, such as rowing a stolen canoe in Norway, climbing one of the largest dunes in Sahara at high noon whilst the sun was scorching hot a little, and a morning pool party in Cyprus. He is looking forward to more hitchhiking adventures ahead of them in Asia. He hates prejudices, laziness, boredom and when he is alone for a long time, so let me hear from you and we can go beering or wandering.

maya-phillips-nnomadttravelerMaya /Random Passerby/

„Random Passerby“ a student enchanted first by pictures and then by stories of the two freaks´ adventurous expeditions. Since she´s interested in studying foreign languages, she approached Klochy about an offer of amateur webpage translation. Although she has never met these guys in person, she shares with them the desire for not to fall into stereotype, getting to know different cultures and to look at things from other points of view. Thanks to their stories she can at least in her mind travel and live through adventures with them. As to the travelling issue, so far she doesn´t dare to call herself a wanderer yet, rather a tourist. Her dream destination is Lapland and biggest wish is to see Aurora Borealis with her own eyes. She likes arts and crafts, dark beer and a smell of pine trees. She hates pretense and when it´s not snowing in the winter.


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